Get to know us

Our background
We're a husband and wife photography team. Michael's background is in advertising and digital marketing, while Heather's background is management and client support. Together, we left our cushy corporate jobs and took our experiences with us on this life-giving journey that is real estate photography. These experiences have shaped our business, but more importantly, the "why" behind why M&H Photographers exists.

What is it you do here?
There are plenty of photographers in the Atlanta area that can take a mean interiors photo - you're right about that. What makes us different is our background and our passions. We've outlined a few of those below Q&A style, but if you want the quick answer. We're here because we have a passion for connecting with and serving people. When you take that passion, pair it with our background (marketing and client support) and our talent (photography) the real estate photography market fits perfectly. Real estate photography, in its purest state, is the core marketing asset.

Why should you hire us?
We are creatives at heart, and perfectionists on top of that. We're not here to go room-to-room, taking a snapshot and checking a box. Each home we photograph is

Who is our client?
Listing agents who share our passion for service. Our clients are our partners. They're not the fly-by-night agents looking to make a quick buck as someone else's expense. We want to work with likeminded individuals. Individuals who care deeply about what they do - sure it's an opportunity to earn revenue, but it's more than that. Real estate agents assist people and families in finding homes. And home is where memories are made, children are raised, and our safe haven. That's not to be taken likely. Our client are those who share in that sentiment


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